Z15 Titanium for .223, .308, 9mm & 300 Mag.

Most versions still in-stock for immediate shipment.  The Z15 Short or Long with 1/2″, 5/8″ Direct Threads, or 1-3/8″ Adapter Threads. 

Order NOWClosing Out All Solvent Traps due to recent ATF policy changes


Z10 Solvent Traps for .22 and Other Rimfires.

The Z10 Gen 6 Rimfire will ship mid December. Just 2.4 ounces of amazing on your .22 pistol or rifle.

Closing Out All Solvent Traps due to recent ATF policy changes.  Consider this the “Last Call” at closing time and your final notice.

– Zee


We ship your In-Stock DIY Titanium Solvent Trap within a few days.  Or, in a few weeks if your particular item is back-ordered.  ATF not required.

Due to recent ATF policy changes, Solvent Traps, Kits, or Parts may not be converted into silencers using a Form 1.   Get your Form 1 first, before you decide what to make your silencer out of.

You may use our solvent traps as a GUN CLEANING ACCESSORY, or as a  DESIGN PATTERN to make the finest Titanium Solvent Trap on the planet yourself from your own materials.              

                                                                                   –                 You will be very impressed.

16-2 Scaled