You’ve changed your mind or heard that since March 1, 2022 the new ATF policy won’t give Form 1 acceptance for Kits, but only if you build from raw materials?  You know that if you just “Tell them what thet want to hear” they will accept your application. Not sure about the ATF or your state’s policies?   No problem! You can return any “Like New” Form 1 Z Solvent Trap within 60 Days.  For Return authorization email us at: support@form1z.com

One option we are offering is to replace returned “Like New” Form 1 (Do It Yourself) products purchased within the last 60 days with the comparable Form 4 product (Factory completed for the commercial market and transferred to you with the ATF paperwork like any other completed suppressor), at no additional charge.  You can expect that product line to be very similar to the Z15 and Z10, but, obviously, completed. You can select a Silencer Dealer in your State to do the ATF transfer. For Return authorization email us at: support@form1z.com

Yes your credit/debit card is secure.  Payment is processed through through Authorize.net payment gateway, one of the biggest in the world.

No one at Form 1 Z ever sees or has access to your whole credit card number, just the first 3 digits and last 4 for identification. 

And, we do not keep any credit card information or personal data.

Please create two seperate orders.  One for in-stock items that we can ship right away.  A seperate order for the Backordered items that will ship later, as indicated on the website.

All Form 1 Z products are made in Utah.  Please Google the “Utah State-Made Firearms Protection Act“.  You will see that since 2010 Utah law says that if it’s made in Utah and stays in Utah, then only the Utah laws apply.

Many of our products can be ordered with the laser engraving: “Made In Utah”.  Take pride in your state!

Please go to any of the online forums related to Form 1 Silencers.  Some say that if you apply to use a kit it will be denied, and if you apply to make it from scratch it will be accepted.  We don’t know yet.  There are legal challenges being filed by the GOA and others.  Many industry and shooter peeps are reaching out to government officials to get them to stop the ATF.  See attached.



WASHINGTON, D.C. – On February 28th, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) summarily denied 847 Form 1 applications to make a suppressor because they believed the applicants were using solvent trap kits. On March 3rd, they notified every applicant with pending Form 1 suppressor applications – nearly 3,000 people – that they will now be required to provide pictures and descriptions of all parts and components that will be used to make the suppressor, or their application will be disapproved.  

Many observe that they have not yet decided what to make from or their final design.  First they will get the Approved ATF Form 1, and only then will they decide.  Great ATF answer!

Kits and pre-made parts will be rejected, but making yours from raw materials will be accepted.  It’s all about what you tell them, since they have no way to follow up and no requirement to check back after your suppressor is complete.

Despite previously approving thousands of Form 1 applications for individuals and legal entities that have used these kits in recent years, it seems ATF has now decided to change course without any public explanation or justification. What is clear is that ATF has unilaterally decided that the National Firearms Act (NFA) applies to these kits, and therefore any applicant applying to make a suppressor using one might be guilty of a crime. This type of behind-closed-door rulemaking has to stop.

Simply put, it’s time to insist that ATF stop treating the upstanding citizens it regulates like criminals. It’s time for ATF rulemaking to occur in the open. And it’s time to remove suppressors from the NFA so that law-abiding Americans can protect their hearing while exercising their Second Amendment rights without tax or fear of government retribution.

Usually it is because part of your order is out of stock.  Check for a Packing Slip inside with more info about when your backordered item(s) will ship. 

Or, if the wrong item was sent, or you have any other issues, please email us at: Support@form1z.com and we will get this sorted for you. 

If after placing your order you realize you’ve made a mistake or no longer want the order, or your backorder is just taking too long…  We can process a cancellation for any order which has not yet shipped.

Please reach out to us at Support@form1z.com