Please Search online for "Utah State-Made Firearms Protection Act"

This 2010 Utah State Law asserts that Firearms and accessories like suppressors, which are made in Utah, bought and sold in Utah, and remain in Utah, are subject only to Utah’s Laws.  About eight other states have a similar law either pending or enacted, including Texas.

This Utah law requires that “A firearm, firearm action, or firearm receiver manufactured or sold in Utah under this chapter must have the words “Made in Utah” or “Made in UT” clearly stamped on a central metallic part, such as the receiver or frame.”.  But, it specifically defines a “sound suppressor” as a “Firearms accessory”, and does not require such markings for “Firearms accessories”.

All Form 1 Z DIY Titanium Suppressors are made in Utah.  Even though it is not required, we have some of our products laser engraved: “MADE IN UTAH” on their central metallic part.  This is a $25 upgrade when availible.  Please email to check availability.